Assisting in the creation of community activities related to family life and social wellbeing. Offering guidance to married couples and those in a committed relationship.

Family values

Family values are at the heart of what we do. Educating parents on how to build a friendly warm and safe family environment, and offering guidance for educational activities. Helping to create a family unit based on trust, respect with traditional family values and virtues. .

Happy children

Learning and development starts from happiness. A happy child is curious, engaged, and is stimulated by the world around them. Through innovative mentor & teacher training programs we are helping to create an environment in witch children will feel happy and safe in will allow them to reach their full potential.


We are here for everyone, regardless of mental health, mobility challenges, or employment status. There are services and support for children at risk, and victims of domestic violence. Our dedicated caring and compassionate team, are all focused on your wellbeing.


Working hand in hand with local authorities, and different levels of government, to help improve local services and access to them for people in the community.


Our goal is to connect the community, through local branches and centres. With the support of community workers and local business we aim to establish network of support for adults and access to development and learning for children.


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Our Forum is designed for you to share and open free topics
that are relevant to you and interest you. Questions that need a specialist answer – we are
here to help. You will receive feedback from our staff on any topic that puts you in a dead
end. You have the right to remain anonymous if this is important to you. We will give you
our best and you will receive all our support and understanding. You can also exchange
experiences with each other and share your experiences. This is your place to expand
yourself and move forward by gaining knowledge, experience and awareness.

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